Our Proactive Approach

In addition to the day to day customer service we provide all our clients, Cecil Jenkins & Associates, Inc. also continues to be proactive on issues of regulatory and legislative changes, and monitoring the performance of insurance carriers.

Keeping You Informed

We keep our clients informed of regulatory and legislative changes. We are frequently informed of issues that affect the insurance industry. One such issue is personal, privileged and medical information collection and disclosure practices. Carriers are now requiring disclosure forms to be completed by enrollees in order for brokers to be able to inquire on that enrollee’s behalf. Other recent topics that have been tackled are mental health coverage and changes with the way prescription drug companies operate so that drug costs can be kept down.

Effects of Medical Conditions

A major concern of employers today is health care expenditures and work loss days attributed to the presence of a medical condition. Effects of illness on work impairment suggest that these indirect costs are enormous. Insurance Carriers have Disease Management Programs that educate employees with chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, mood and panic disorders, just to name a few. This education helps guide the employees to effective treatment and preventive regimens, thus reducing loss of productivity.

Insurance Carrier Performance

Cecil Jenkins & Associates, Inc. is specifically interested in the performance of insurance carriers, TPA’s and other insurance vendors, as their performance directly affects the client and their employees. It is important for an employer to be kept aware of any and all problems they are experiencing with their health care coverage. In an effort to keep the client informed, we review claims through direct contact with the employer. We should note that these reviews are done without breaching confidentiality. By review in these areas, we can advise changes that would assist in holding cost down, or preparing for benefit changes at renewal.

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